How to Use WordPad


WordPad Overview

With WordPad, you can create and edit simple text documents or documents with complex formatting and graphics. You can link or embed information from other documents into a WordPad document.


How to Start WordPad

1. Click the Start button on the taskbar

2. Point to All Programs on the Start menu

3. Point to Accessories on the All Programs menu

4. Click on WordPad on the Accessories menu – the WordPad window will display on the screen

5. You may now start to enter text by typing on the keyboard


How to Save a document in WordPad

After you have finished creating a document in WordPad, you may want to save the document on your flash drive. Use the following steps to save your document.

1. Click on File in the menu bar located at the top-left of the window

2. Click on Save As… on the file menu – the Save As window will display

3. At the top of the Save As window you will see Save in:, a text box, and a down-pointing arrow at the end of the text box.

4. Click on the down-pointing arrow at the end of the text box – you will see a list of the possible locations where you can save your document. You will also see a list of locations under My Computer; this is a list of drives where you can save your document. Your USB flash drive should be listed as one of the drives under My Computer.

5. Click on the icon or name of your USB flash drive – the name and drive of your USB flash drive should now be displayed in the Save in: text box

6. At the bottom of the Save As… window you will see File name: and a text box with Document.rtf displayed in the text box.

7. Click on Document.rtf – this will highlight Document.rtf

8. Type in the name you want to use – this will be your document’s file name

9. Click on the Save button that is located to the right of the text box


Additional Help Using WordPad

Click on Help at the end of the menu bar of the WordPad window

Click on Help Topics

Click on the Contents tab, then click on WordPad and view the contents for help in using WordPad.